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Arpol Neo,


Uniones Arpol, a family business with international projection, wanted to expand its production of pipe couplings with a totally different and new product.

This new creation retained the characteristics of previous couplings, but adapted to the demands of a new market.

We started the project creating a naming for this new product. A name that communicated the progress and innovation that it represents, without forgetting the quality and safety that characterizes Arpol brand. The new coupling would be called Arpol NEO.

Neo, it's new, it's recent. However, the prefix neo- always has a history behind it. The claim of the campaign would be: "New, with 40 years of experience".

The central axis of the launching campaign was a 3D animation video in which we see the arrival of "the coupling you were waiting for" on Earth. We decided to give the coupling an own personality, so Arpol NEO spoke in first person in the whole campaign of online and offline communication.

The branding we designed reinforced this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation and change, but without dissociating from the image of quality and trust of this traditional company.

What we did?

  • Creation of the brand concept: naming, branding and communication strategy.
  • Design and development of all communication and web materials.
  • 3D video production.

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