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Fundació Carreras,

Creativity to fight against leukemia.

The Josep Carreras Foundation celebrated the Week against Leukemia and the Patient Day as the closing event of the Week. This year's campaign challenge was to raise funds for the "Unstoppable Cell Factory," a technology that would help treat leukemia patients who did not respond to other treatments.

Help us tear down the wall of leukemia” was the concept we created for this campaign. It wanted to convey not only the patient's struggle, but also the importance of collaboration to overcome the disease. We created the fighting cells, animated characters that represented the idea of ​​breaking down the wall and that would be the protagonists of the whole communication strategy.

In the microsite that we created for this campaign, we could see the evolution of the challenge: as funds were raised, the large illustrated wall that concealed the "Unstoppable Cell Factory" was torn down bit by bit.

For the Patient Day event, we also represented the same concept, creating a big cardboard wall built of many pieces that people could take apart and thus discover the great canvas of the "Unstoppable Cell Factory ".

What we did?

  • Creativity and strategy for the Leukemia Week and Patient Day Event campaign.
  • Production of the event.
  • Design of graphic materials.
  • Design of campaign’s microsite.
  • Art direction and illustrations.


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