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The challenge of reinventing a business while maintaining its flavors.

Mr. Melo's family wanted to reinvent their restaurant based on traditional Chinese cuisine, but did not know where to start. A challenge where we were sure that we had to create something new, without changing its flavors.

The name Melo-Jia (or Melo’s house) was the result of business reinvention. We created the concept "our house is your house" to convey the most important values ​​of the restaurant: friendly, welcoming hospitality and environment, and homemade food.

We designed a clean and simple logo directly related to the owners. We created an icon of the Chinese mythological figure Jian (two birds with one eye and one wing representing marital affection and union) as a metaphor for the union of the Mr. and Mrs. Melo and what they formed together.

The new image was able to adapt to the Chinese ingrained mentality of the parents and, at the same time, to the young and future vision of the daughter. We also managed to recover and extol the traditional Chinese culture, but using something distinct from the majority of restaurants with an image of "red lantern and dragon". We created a sober, simple and elegant identity, eliminating the usual colors (red and yellow), and based on the white and blue of old Chinese dishes. We moved away from the more stereotypical Chinese cultural elements and maintained the most philosophical and essential values ​​of the Eastern cultural and gastronomic tradition.

What we did?

  • Brand concept creation: naming, branding and creative direction.
  • Development and design of all communication materials, packaging and website.


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