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The fashion brand for women who move according to their own laws.

The task was to create the identity for a new fashion brand aimed at modern and independent woman. A woman with her own style that moves according to her instinct.

Misley by Agatha Cape is the result: we created a naming inspired by that woman who dresses and combines according to her own laws ("miss ley"). The naming also allowed us to play with the creation of a name that made reference to a fictitious designer. At the same time we wanted to make a subtle wink to the place where our client decided to create the brand (Cabo de Gata)

Misley was the result of a direct collaboration process with our client. This collaboration was reflected, not only in the branding creation, but also in the global creative direction of the brand, defining the clothing and all corporate materials style and design.

What we did?

  • Brand concept creation: naming and branding.
  • Creative direction of image shooting and lookbook.
  • Development and design of lookbook and website.


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